ORDINANCE NO. 2016- 010







Agenda Request Item



Type of Request: Adopt Ordinance, 1st Reading

(Adopt Resolution, Adopt Ordinance (1st Reading) Adopt Ordinance (2nd Reading)

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Requested Action        (Identify appropriate Action or Motion)

Adopt ordinance on 1st reading.


Description of Action

The following is a summary of the matters that are addressed in the ballot questions:


1.      Expenditure of Funds Exceeding $1,000,000.00; clarification to include “any” funds, not just “City” funds, and to include CRA funds

2.      City Commission Vote Pertaining to Agreements Involving the Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport

3.      Repeal of City Commission Term Limits

4.      Approval of Election of Vice-Mayor for a Two-Year Term

5.      Forfeiture of Office for Absenteeism from Regular Commission Meetings

6.      City Commission Action Pertaining to Educational Qualifications for Selection of a City Manager

7.      Filling of Vacancies in the City Commission

8.      Surplus Real Property: Deletion of membership requirements for “MAI” Appraisers

9.      Lengths (Durations) of Leases of City Owned Real Property

10.  Maximum Length of Duration for a Trash and Garbage Contract



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