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Resolution to Amend the Building Permit and Land Development Fee Schedule


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The proposed resolution would allow the City to establish a 2.5% surcharge for large scale development projects ($15M and above) to assist with operating a special permitting office in the Community Development Department.


During the past five years the number of building permits and inspections by the Community Development Department has increased by more than 400%. Furthermore, the scale and complexity of the new land development projects have also increased significantly. The City’s current Community Development staff properly serves the development community in a timely and effective manner. However, the upcoming Dania Pointe and other projects (i.e. DCOTA, Phase 2 - Dania Jai-Alai) will further increase the workload for the Building Division. During the upcoming two 2 to 6 years, it is anticipated that the Building Division’s work load could double and further increase the demand for permit services. In order to properly and effectively provide prompt and efficient service for large scale building projects without impacting other permit applications, it is recommended that the City create a special permit office that is specifically dedicated to large scale development projects. This special permit office would allow applicants of large scale projects to receive “on demand” plan review and inspection services that are independent of the daily Building Division activities. This special permit office would be under the direction of the Community Development Director.


Permit fees paid by the applicants for the special permit office would be expected to offset personnel, equipment and other related costs.



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