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Approval of supplemental inspection and plan examination services for C.A.P Government Inc.


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In recent years the planning and development activities in the City of Dania Beach have significantly increased. In addition to the increased volume of permits; the scale and complexity of the development projects have also increased significantly. The City’s current Community Development staff properly serves the development community in a timely and effective manner. However, anticipated large scale development projects (i.e. Dania Pointe, DCOTA) during the upcoming 2 to 6 years could double the Community Development Department’s workload and further increase the demand on permit services. Developers of these large scale projects are requesting a dedicated, special permitting office that will speed-up the overall construction permit process.


In order to provide the dedicated and priority service requested for the anticipated large scale development projects, Community Development  recommends the City create a permit office specifically for large scale projects (+$15M in value of construction or approved by the Community Development Director). This special permitting office will allow developers of large scale projects the opportunity to receive expedited and prioritized service independent of the daily work-load activity of the Building Division. The need for this new permit office will be temporary in-nature (2 to 6 years) and not permanent, therefore, Community Development recommends the City acquire any additional staffing through contractual services. 


The City currently contracts with Broward County for a Building Official and building permit review inspection services.  The administrative and management oversight of these services is the responsibility of the City’s Community Development Director. The compliance responsibilities of the permit inspection services are fulfilled by the Building Official. The requests for contractual services are limited to providing supplemental plans examination and inspection services. The existing Building Division staff will be integrated with the technical, clerical and management responsibilities of the new office in order to provide proper oversight, continuity and back-up support. Components of the new permit office and the associated estimated costs for the remainder of FY16 include the following:


  • Additional staff needed for the new permit office will be provided by a contract agency that will supplement the Broward County Building Division staff. Six (6) new plans examiners/inspectors at an estimated cost of $240,000.00.  Funding for these services is requested to be appropriated from the Building Fund Contingency Account # 107-15-02-524-99-10 to the Building Fund Professional Services Account #107-15-02-524-31-10


  • Two (2) new clerical staff will be needed to supplement the current City staff. Estimated cost for the remainder of fiscal year 2016 is $56,000.00. Funding request will be brought forth to the Commission as necessary once these services have been solicited.  


  • Office space build-out on the ground floor of City Hall in the former BSO office is estimated to cost $32,000.00. (Account #: 107-15-02-524-52-20 Amount: $32,000 budgeted in FY16)


  • Additional vehicles will be provided by the recommended contractor. ($0.)


  • Permitting software will be the same as the City’s current provider, New World Systems (NWS). Additional computer hardware, work stations, printers, phones etc. will be funded from the building fund. (Account #: 107-15-02-524-52-30 Amount: $27,000 budgeted in FY16)


It is anticipated that plans for Phase I of the Dania Pointe project will be submitted in May to July 2016. Staff will need approximately 60 days of lead time to build-out the new office space, buy equipment and train staff. The funding needed to create and operate the new special permitting office will be derived from the existing budget for FY 2016. For FY 2017 the building permit fees paid by the large scale projects are anticipated to generate $3M to $4M in permit fees. These additional revenues are anticipated to adequately fund all of the capital, contractual and personal expenses needed for the new special permitting office for FY 2017.


Qualified contractors in South Florida capable of providing the necessary certified and accredited staff for building permit and inspection services are very limited. C.A.P. Government Inc. provides supplemental permit and inspections services for several local jurisdictions (i.e. Hollywood, Davie, Ft. Lauderdale, Weston, Oakland Park) similar to that needed by the City of Dania Beach. It is recommended that C.A.P Government Inc. provide the staff necessary to supplement the City’s current staff for the new special permit office.


The City was able to utilize the competitive bid process from Ft. Lauderdale for this purpose. This approach is called a “piggy-back”. The “piggy-back” bid process is provided by Florida Statute and Dania Beach ordinance. The Fort Lauderdale contract includes supplemental services to the City Staff, for all building trade disciplines and clerical staff at a cost rate to the City that is comparable to the Broward County services.



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