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Staff recommends that the City Commission approve the resolution to appropriate funds and enter into an agreement for scanning backlog permit files from Advanced Processing and Imaging, Inc.  which now exceed the annual single vendor threshold of $25,000.



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Community Development is requesting approval to purchase scanning services from Advanced Processing and Imaging, INC (API) for the 2015-2016 fiscal year. The amount of the contract will not exceed $24,615.60. However, because API  currently provides the City the current Optiview and Agenda Maker programs for all departments, this contract would put API over the $25,000 annual vendor threshold set by the City Commission.


The scope of work includes scanning large and small format back logged permit applications and plans for the Building Division. Upon completion of scanning closed building permit files, the data will be uploaded into the cities OptiView Document Management system.


Community Development obtained three competitive written quotes as required by the City purchasing guidelines and has deemed Advanced Processing & Imaging the most competitive vendor in both product and pricing.


The total cost for scan and uploading the backlog of building permit files will be $24,615.60(see attached). Funding will be made available by a transfer from the Building Fund Contingency Account #107-15-02-524-99-10 to the Building fund Contractual Services Account #107-15-02-524-34-10.



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