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Public Hearing.  The Administration recommends Commission approval of a small annual adjustment to the annual Non-Ad Valorem Assessment rate for Residential Solid Waste.  The annual adjustment of  $3.36 yr. reflects the change in Consumer Prices as allowed and provided in the City’s waste hauler service contract.  This small annual adjustment results in a total annual Residential solid waste fee of $277.92 (or $23.16 mo.) for the fiscal year beginning October 1, 2014.


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Fiscal Impact/Cost Summary

Establishes the City’s Non-Ad Valorem assessment for Residential Solid Waste services at an annual amount of $277.92 yr. for the fiscal year beginning 10/1/2014.  This rate reflects an adjustment of $3.36 from current year levels which is provided for and allowed by the City’s service provider contract based on annual changes in Consumer Prices.


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