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Type of Request: Adopt Ordinance (2nd Reading)

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The applicant, City of Dania Beach, is requesting several zoning text amendments to the City’s Unified Land Development Code, known as OneCode (SECOND READING).


Description of Action

1.         To permit cabinet, furniture shop, wholesale: office-showroom-warehouse uses in Marine zoning district; Article110.

2.         To allow outdoor seating without a Special Exception when not adjacent to residential; Section 110-200.

3.         To correct typographical error in footnote changing from 10 inches to 10 feet; Section 115-50, footnote 76.

4.         To require hotel overlay districts to be composed of immediately contiguous properties and amending sign allowances; Sec. 315-30.

5.         To amend the variance criteria; Section 625-40.

6.         To extend the approval period for variances to 18 months; Section 625-50.

7.         To extend the approval period for special exceptions to 18 months; Section 630-70.

8.         To extend the approval period for site plans to 18 months; Section 635-100.

9.         To add a provision regarding site plan compliance; Sec. 635-110.

10.       To define temporary use as no more than 4 times annually; Sec. 675-20.

11.       To allow a homesteaded, non-conforming duplex to be rebuilt if damaged; Sec. 710-60.


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