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Re-Designation of the Broward County A1A State Scenic Highway. In 1993, Florida State. legislation was passed to enable the State, through the Florida Department of Transportation, to establish an official program for scenic highways.  The Florida Scenic Highways Program is designed to showcase outstanding cultural, historic, archaeological, recreational, natural and scenic resources along Florida’s State highways.



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The Florida Scenic Highways Program focuses on community-based support and resource protection while seeking to promote regional economic benefits that may result from designation. A Florida Scenic Highway designation can benefit a community in several related areas such as: resource protection, community vision, community recognition, economic development and tourism. The ultimate goal of the Florida Scenic Highways Program is to preserve, maintain, protect and enhance Florida’s unique intrinsic resources. 


In accordance with Florida Statutes for the designation of a Florida Scenic Highway, a Corridor Management Entity (CME) was formed for the SR A1A Scenic Highway in Broward County.  Members of the CME include appointed staff and/or elected officials from each of the communities along A1A in Broward County.  With the partnership and support of each of the coastal communities in Broward County, the work of the CME, and the support of the City Commission in 2003 to seek designation, Broward County A1A Scenic Highway was officially granted State Scenic Highway designation in June of 2009. 



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Email dated November 19, 2012

Resolution 2003-093