Resolution - Carryover and Re-appropriation of unspent FY'11-'12 Budget Appropriations







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Three City Departments have requested that planned appropriations that were unspent in FY ’11-’12 be carried over and re-appropriated for their intended use in the current FY ‘12-’13 budget.


  • Public Services – Melaleuca Gardens roadway wall painting          $50,000
  • Recreation         -  Purchase of additional Park security cameras     $22,500
  • I.T.                     -  Purchase of replacement computer equipment   $35,500




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Fiscal Impact/Cost Summary

General Fund budget appropriations that were unencumbered (no P.O. issued) and remained unspent at September 30, 2012 are placed back into the City’s Unassigned Fund Balance at the end of each fiscal year, 9/30/2012.  Re-appropriation of these previously approved funds will allow the original Department approved expenditures to be made in the current FY 2012-2013 fiscal year.  Funds may come from either Contingency (as recommended).   Alternatively, they may come from a direct appropriation of the General Fund Unassigned Fund Balance.


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